**Note** You cannot receive your TBM certification without completing all tarot sections: Tarot 101, 201, & 301. You may, however, still take the final test to see how you fare.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Tarot 101

    • Introduction: Hi!

    • Tarot History

    • What Is Tarot?

    • Major vs Minor

    • How Tarot Works and Other FAQs

    • Types of Tarot Decks

    • How to Pick a Deck

    • Exercises to Bond with Your Deck

    • How to Shuffle, Cleanse, and Store Your Deck

    • How to Memorize the Cards

    • Tarot Dos & Don'ts

    • Tarot 101 Overview

    • Tarot 101 Resources

    • Tarot 101 END

    • Class Survey


Maisy Bristol

Tarot Reader, Astrologer, & Tarot Coach

I'm an optimistic and energetic tarot reader who reads with an intuitive eye and a positive outlook.